The home of the haitian christian community.Christian Multimedia Network, formerly known as Haitian Christian Television was created in June 7, 2008 by Hubert Dalexis.
This online Christian
Network is to entertain, educate,
inspire and motivate our members to stay connected with God every day. We are there to promote the haitian christian artists, bands,writers, filmakers. We produce TV shows, music videos , we design website, flyers,event tickets . We do advertisings for busnisses and events.We publish books and sponsors events, non-profit organisations,. We broadcast live all christians and social events that are suitable for our viewers.We provide channel for churches and christian broadcasters to stream LIVE on the web, mobile devices and Roku
Christian Multimedia Network-Tele Louange: l’Evangile chez-vous et partout 24/7. Call to listen: 6054729007; 6054758379; France: 33582961721; St-Domingue: 8299992507. Listen on Tunein.Watch on www.telelouange.com, Roku, HLN, etc..